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True benefits can be found in this sport whatever your age. By improving your fitness and focus a student will experience courage and fortitude and develop a more positive outlook on life. read more


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To make the most of your Karate training and achieve the best results, private lessons can be arranged with Sensei. These can be focused on any aspect of the syllabus. read more


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 "Thank you very much for taking the trouble to find out about Kenagi, I truly hope that you’ll grow to share our passion for martial arts. It is a passion which I have treasured myself since my childhood and which will stay with me always. At Kenagi we share a vision of the art based on hard work, excellence and frankness. Being an open group we welcome instructors and students to train and mix with us at anytime no matter what grade or association.

Likewise, our students may train and mix with all clubs and instructors that invite us. Kenagi has given me the opportunity over the years to work with some exceptional individuals who have through their hard work reached and surpassed their ambitions in the sport. I believe that learning a martial art is a true gift that forges the strength and confidence that you need to navigate through life. It becomes a friend, which will guide you through the good and the bad times, providing both purpose and meaning to your life."

Sensei Brian Redman


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